James Critchlow

Yoga Instructor

James Critchlow is a full-time yoga teacher who has been teaching for 30 years and practising for 44 years. He has trained in a variety of yoga styles including British Wheel, Pranayama, Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga. Also Siddha and Vipassana meditation, Tai-Chi and Pilates. He began teaching the Ashtanga system in 1990.

Drawing from his background in these varied disciplines, James brings an inclusive approach to his teaching that makes his classes accessible and enjoyable to people of varying levels of ability and experience; with a clear, down-to-earth and fun approach.

"Whatever benefits and insights I have been able to impart to others during my years of teaching, it is simply because I stand on the heads and shoulders of the teachers that I have been fortunate to have had over the years. Many thanks to all of you."

For more information on James' classes in the West Midlands, please call us on 01789 595004 or email info@newsonhealth.co.uk.