DEXA Scans

We offer DEXA scans as a safe, non-invasive way of measuring bone density

A DEXA scan is a simple safe scan which a uses a low dose X-ray to see how dense (or strong) your bones are.

During the perimenopause and menopause women are at a greater risk of developing osteoporosis (weak bones), this is due to falling levels of oestrogen which helps to protect bone strength.

Read or download details about bone health and DEXA scanning in our booklet.

The scan results are sent to Professor David Reid who reviews all the scans and sends a detailed report back to the doctors here at Newson Health. Professor Reid is a leading consultant in the field of Rheumatology specialising in osteoporosis.

DEXA Scan Results

Depending on your age and family history the cost of a scan is either £215 or £275. See our full list of consultation prices here.

To book an appointment for a DEXA scan please call us on 01789 595004 or email