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I was able to see Dr Jo Sherrington at your clinic last month and I can honestly say that the experience has had a profound effect in my life as I now feel like I used to be in my 20's and 30's !! I have quality of life again and now longer hibernate inside a cocoon that didn't belong to me in the first place. For the last 2 weeks I've been taking utrogestan daily and applying estrogel daily and the anxiety and pains that used to cripple me are gone! Jo is an asset to your clinic and she did everything she could to help me regarding HRT and how to start weaning off antidepressants slowly. My GP did try to burst my bubble by saying not to put too much hope in advance in feeling better but the truth is his .... he was so wrong because I DO feel better, in fact, I feel not just better, I feel myself again, I really thought I was lost for good. Anyway, BOO to my GP, I will be seeing Jo in a couple of months again for a follow up. Many many thanks again, your knowledge and expertise and seeing Jo has saved my life.


I am very pleased and extremely grateful for the work you do with GP's across the country and the extensive support you give to women. Your work has empowered me to question the decisions made regarding my treatment.

Tina S

I wanted to email to say a huge thank you for introducing testosterone into my HRT regime recently. It feels like is has been the final piece of the jigsaw and I finally feel like hormonally I am in a good place for the first time in years. There is a sense of calm that I cannot remember feeling. So thank you again. Please take care and stay safe.

Caroline J

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for the wonderful service you provide, and for the fantastic consultation I had with Dr Zoe Hodson. From start to finish the service has been efficient, professional and a positive experience. From the lovely lady that I spoke to initially to book my consultation, to the speed and ease with which I received my prescriptions it has been a pleasure. Dr Zoe Hodson was kind, thorough, extremely knowledgeable and finally for the first time in 5 (nearly 6) years I felt heard. Her commitment is obvious and the follow up she has given me has been excellent. As someone who has been experiencing hormonal instability for a long time, and at quite a young age, as a result of surgical complications I cannot stress how the help I have received has finally given me hope that it’s possible to get things back on track. My hormonal instability has had far reaching consequences and has effected not just my health but my marriage, family, and mental health and consequently it has taken its toll. However after my consultation with Zoe I felt positive and I feel hopeful that working with her I can start to feel better. Thank you once again to Zoe, Louise and all the team at Newson health.

Kirsty C

I just wanted to express my gratitude to Dr Jill Crowfoot and The Newson Health Centre. It was my mission to take back control of me for 2020 and the first step was to book an appointment at the clinic to see Dr Jill Crowfoot. My visit to the clinic was very pleasant with all the staff playing their part in making me feel welcome and at ease. I started an early menopause at 42 and was using femoston 2/10 tablets I was struggling with an array of symptoms but my biggest question when I spoke to Jill was 'Will I ever loose weight on HRT?' I had steadily been gaining weight and had lost my drive and willpower to stop eating the wrong foods and to start exercising more. Jill explained to me that I wasn't fully oestrogenised and that once my levels were where they should be I would start to feel fantastic and would regain my motivation to lose weight. My blood results also showed that my testosterone levels were very low so I also started taking a daily dose of androfeme. We are now in May and despite the awful time we are all experiencing, I feel great in myself and have lost a stone in weight so far. So the answer to my question was 'Yes' you will be able to lose weight on HRT once you are prescribed the right amount for your needs. Thank you so much for helping me. 2020 may not be exactly how I thought it would be at the moment but I dread to think how I would of been feeling and coping with everything if I had not made the steps to balance my body and mind. I keep spreading the word to my friends as I would say it was the most beneficial money I have ever spent on myself!


I can only commend the clinic for the service I have received from everyone.

Sue M

Many thanks to you and all the team at Newson Heath. Your work has truly changed my life and I’m sure that of so many women. May you all have the wonderful Christmas break you all deserve.

Rachel H

I was just on my way to my routine gynea’ appointment reflecting on how I am as I knew my Dr. would ask. I honestly can’t believe how different I feel since I first came to see you in Solihull. Long gone are the ups and downs of peri menopause. I feel balanced emotionally and more comfortable and confident physically than I have done in years. So, on World Menopause Day, I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for all that you have done for me and so many women.

Nicola H

I just wanted to say I had a video call with Dr Saher Zakai. She is amazing, what a credit to your team - I came off the call as high as a kite. I have since recommended your practice and team to several friends. Thank you again Dr Newson for bringing a menopause clinic to our town of Stratford-upon-Avon!


Firstly thank you for helping Annabel, we have noticed the positive results already! No matter how big or small, a company's greatest asset is their employees, and to ensure the wellbeing of those employees is the route to having a successful business. I have not just heard, I have listened to the struggles Annabel has faced and, to be honest, learned a great deal during the time she has been going through the menopause. It is of great importance and imperative that all employers listen, be patient, caring and most of all understanding. As a great woman once said, its nice to be important, but more important to be nice!!!

Darren Hooper - Director, Equiptest

I just wanted to express my thanks for all the good work that you do. I'm a practice nurse manager. I held an education session today for my team and chose one of your excellent youtube videos to get the menopause training delivered in a structured way. As 15 of my 16 strong crew are women, the feedback from the room was hugely positive on both a professional and personal level. I reiterated the important points from your film and also made the team aware of the many resources available to the patients on your website. I'm going to send the link to your film to all the doctors and ACPs at the surgery too. If they fancy watching then great, if they don't, that's their choice. As we all live up on the North East we can't access your education day in February, I just wanted to pass on my thanks for sharing all the great info which will be so useful to us all. I'm a better nurse as a result of your educational resources.

Mell Dunwell

Thank you so much for these wonderful informative [newsletter] emails, they make me feel so much better and have given me the confidence to give myself an overhaul in 2020 age 55, not for the want of trying and begging letters to my GP. I have purchased your 'Haynes Manual'; It reminds me of my late Dads car manuals, very nostalgic & a reminder to look after our own body engines! Once again, thank you so so much ❤️

Angela Wilkes

I am writing to thank you for help and support you have given during my treatment. The care that I have received has been so personalised and has really helped me to deal with horrid menopause symptoms. I had been going to a clinic in London which dispensed a non-regulated form of HRT. I felt like I was being ‘processed’ – it was a very busy clinic, with no time to answer questions thoroughly. I saw a different Doctor each time and didn’t feel that my worries about their type HRT (Which was produced in lozenge form by a local pharmacy) were properly allayed. Although the medication did help, it was a real concern to me that it wasn’t NICE approved. Consequently, I stopped using it, only for the symptoms to come back immediately which was thoroughly disheartening. I felt like I was ‘wading through treacle’ with exhaustion due to lack of sleep. The experience of coming to Winton House was so different. Dr Newson is so warm and empathetic, having been through the menopause herself. There was plenty of time during the consultation to ask questions and get a through explanation of symptoms and the NICE recommended HRT which she prescribed. I am feeling ‘back to myself’ and sleeping like a log. My energy levels are back to normal. It would be wonderful if all HRT clinics could offer this level of care which is second to none. Thank you so much!


I visited you on Tuesday this week and want to say thank-you. Doctor Gill said I’d notice how bad I’d been feeling once I started to feel better and she’s right. I’m already starting to feel a bit better - positive, ‘can do’ and able to cope more with the challenges of a new role in a new organisation. I’m also progressing menopause being recognised in our wellbeing policy at work, using your leaflets to help. I just wanted to let you know and to say thank you ❤️ Best wishes, Sarah


Thank you to the two delightful reception ladies who brightened my day today, before and after my appointment- you were so welcoming and down to earth and funny!! To Dr Ball who was amazing - I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to ‘be listened to' and not feel rushed. I feel I now have ‘someone in my corner’ who understands and doesn’t make me feel like I’m wasting their time or say ‘what do you expect, you’re going through the change?’ Finally a massive thank you to Tracy who took my bloods this afternoon - you are one special lady, so very kind and helpful. I have come away today feeling much more positive and that ‘I am worthy’. Thank you for being there for me and giving me your time and wisdom. You really made a difference. Ladies, your clinic is a breath of fresh air and I’m delighted to have been recommended to you. You are literally life savers from this crazy maelstrom that is ‘the menopause'. I look forward to seeing you all at my next appointment just before Christmas. Thank you xxx

Sue H

What a truly positive experience I had at Newson Health, I would highly recommend your clinic to family and friends if the need arises.

Jo B

I attended an appointment today with Dr Lucy Blunt. Following that I just wanted to say a massive thank you. Perimenopause symptoms have been affecting my life quite intensively for sometime and I received no treatment options, diagnosis or explanations for why I felt as I did from my normal GP. By the time I met with Lucy today I was exhausted and I have to say she was just amazing! She listened to all my symptoms and reassured me about what was happening within my body. I left the consultation feeling reassured, empowered to make choices around my treatment options and like a weight had been lifted. The property, service offered and all the staff I met were fantastic today, so please keep doing what you do. See you in October.


After having done a lot of my own research and eventually being prescribed HRT I still didn't feel that I had all the correct information and therefore confidence in taking it. I had to travel a long way to Dr Newson's clinic and it was a big decision for me to take, however, my appointment with Kate was invaluable. She was friendly, warm, understanding and easy to chat to - I came away with all the information I needed, all of my questions answered and above all piece of mind that taking HRT was the right decision for me. I now feel much more relaxed and positive going forward. The work of Dr Newson, Kate and the team is invaluable as so many women, like myself, do not have access to the correct advice, support and treatment - I am so glad that I made the decision to go!

Claire S

I had a consultation with one of your brilliant team on the 14th March. The doctor altered my HRT, which my GP has since taken over the prescription of and all seems to be very well controlled. I have a review appointment booked for July 4th but she did say to cancel it if I felt I didn’t need it, which I don’t think I do! I know how busy you are so someone else can take the slot, I will be in touch as soon as I need your expertise again but for now I am doing great! Thank you so much!

Sue A

From the initial point of contact, via the phone, I was put at ease and given a lot of useful information about the first appointment that I had just booked. On arrival at the clinic I was met with a really warm welcome and offered a hot drink. This immediately put me at my ease and this was much appreciated given that I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed and emotional as a result of my symptoms. The reception is a really pleasant area to wait in, it has a lovely aura of calmness and there are plenty of books, magazines and products to peruse and/or buy whilst waiting. During both of my appointments I feel that I have had the very best attention from the Dr and the Nurse. There is something so reassuring about discussing your symptoms with women who are not only trained to deal with hormones but have been through some of the issues themselves. On both occasions I have arrived at the clinic feeling rather jaded from the trials of dealing with perimenopause and left feeling confident and happy due to the warmth and support from the staff and of course the right treatment to help me to move forward at this difficult time of life.

Helen D

I can't recommend Dr Lewis and the rest of the team at Newson Health highly enough. I finally made an appointment after years of symptoms and a very poor experience when I eventually did seek help from my GP. Like many women, I had resisted HRT because of what I believed were the risks but I now regret I wasted so much time suffering unnecessarily. Dr Lewis was clear, reassuring and empathetic and the whole experience was very positive. The team here are defining best practice for women suffering from menopause symptoms and the science is explained very clearly. Dr Lewis took the time to listen and recommended an evidence-based approach. Five months on and starting HRT has been utterly life-changing. My anxiety symptoms are virtually gone along with hot sweats, headaches and a host of other symptoms. My hormones feel more in balance than they ever have and my work and home life has improved dramatically. I did my own research and asked lots of questions and I'm very confident I understand all the risks and benefits of the treatment they recommended. Poor quality advice in general practice and the misinformation propagated by the press about HRT is an absolute disgrace and I believe women are suffering and putting their long term health at risk unnecessarily because of this. The team at Newson Health are doing their very best to counter this with a highly professional personalised and empathetic approach to menopause care. No woman has to suffer - there is an alternative.

Kate J

This is just a quick email to thank you for the help and support you gave me at my consultation yesterday (22nd March, 9am). I left Stratford feeling as if a weight had been lifted off my (very weary!) shoulders. It was such a relief to finally speak openly and without judgment about my worries and concerns over the past 12 months and to know that I was receiving the very best advice on the market.


I received your detailed report today, which is very helpful. I hadn’t realised that I would be receiving such a full report in addition to the brief emails. I feel very privileged to be able to afford this specialist menopause advice. I also wanted to mention that I found all of your staff who I met to be so lovely and helpful, and wanted to pass on my thanks to you all for making our visit so pleasant and reassuring


I just wanted to say thank you to the team for my recent visit to Newson Health. Dr Jo Sherrington was great and I felt that she really listened and looked to find the best way forward for me. The clinic is a very comfortable and professional environment with contemporary but relaxing décor. I hope all goes well as the clinic develops as it is very reassuring that the type and level of service that Newson Health is looking to offer women is available as we need it!


This weekend I had the pleasure of observing a workshop run by Nurse Practitioner Dianne Porterfield at Newson Health, Menopause and Wellbeing Centre entitled ‘Menopause or Just Me’. The half day workshop provided an inclusive space for women experiencing menopausal symptoms to come together and learn more about the menopause. With equal wit, charm and clear knowledge, Dianne talked the group through the important things we should all know about the menopause. Dianne was both patient and reassuring, listening carefully to every question posed. The workshop encouraged the women in attendance to talk to one another about their shared experiences. It allowed them to be vulnerable yet supported, and by the end, had most of the ladies in stitches! Overwhelmingly, it seemed that every person who came left feeling not only more confident in their knowledge of the menopause, but empowered to take control of their health. It is wonderful to see how Newson Health is becoming not only a clinic at which patients can receive treatment, but a pillar for community engagement. It offers a warm and welcoming space for women to come together and support one another through their menopause experience.


I really enjoyed the [Menopause & Food] workshop last Saturday and I thought it was all organised and arranged very well. I think that was probably the right number of attendees, and worked out fine, and everyone had a chance to say what they wanted to say.


Please pass on my thanks to Sabrina [Zeif] for her informative and relaxed session [at the Menopause & Food Workshop]. Her recipes were well thought out and her samples lovely. I think the group size was just about right as everyone felt able to contribute to discussions. I shall definitely be booking further workshops.


I thoroughly enjoyed the [Menopause & Food] workshop and found the information to be very helpful. It was great to talk with other ladies who were going through a similar experience and to speak with Sabrina [Zeif] who has also experienced similar things. It was good also to have things to try and for the food items to be very accessible rather than ones you have to get from specialist shops! All in all, I really enjoyed the workshop and have started with the Peppermint & Liquorice Tea and Kefir already :-)


I just wanted to say thank you and send Christmas Wishes to you all - Particularly Dr Rebecca Lewis. I saw Rebecca in November (16th - etched on my brain - will henceforth be my ‘ second birthday) although I know it’s still early days I feel so much stronger , more positive and more hopeful... I really cannot thank you enough for your help . I have had 8 awful black hopeless years ( no exaggeration just awful) and Christmas has always been particularly difficult. This year I am coping so much better - laughing, making plans and not constantly anxious and depressed. Oh my goodness - please let it continue. Anyway my heartfelt thanks and good wishes for Christmas and the New Year... I will see you all in February.


Thank you Alice, Louise, and all the team at Newson Health. You've been great. It's been a relief to be able to deal with such a lovely team of ladies so far.


The service you provide is an absolute life saver to women like myself.


I loved your new location, it really is a beautiful calm space to be and everyone I came across was lovely and a credit.


Lauren Redfern is a PhD student whom we are helping to carry out research regarding attitudes to testosterone. Here's what she says: Firstly I would like to say thank you so much for yesterday, it was so rewarding to witness the stories of the women you work with and has given me so much to think about. I was really impressed by your warm and considered approach and the clear level of commitment you have to both the clinic and your patients. I feel very excited about the prospect of working collaboratively together in the coming year.

Lauren Redfern

Thank you, to you and your team, for organising a great event today (Open Day 18-10-18). I really enjoyed it. Sadly I could only stay for the morning sessions; it was just lovely to be in a room of women feeling the same and hearing you speak so eloquently on the subject. I look forward to seeing you again in your new splendid surroundings for my follow up appointment in December. Very best wishes.


I visited yesterday and could not be happier or more reassured with the advice I received. The clinic is a very welcome and calm space, beautifully done I have to say. Congratulations on opening and thank you for setting up this private clinic, I would and will be recommending to all my friends and family members.


I came to see Dr Newson on Thursday last week. I wanted to say thank you to all the staff involved you made me feel relaxed and welcome, at your beautiful new offices.


I just want to send good wishes for you and your team in your new clinic and to thank you for your help so far. You have put my life back on track . Looking forward to my next appointment.


You treated me at Shirley Medical Center and turned my life around with HRT. I've been following your progress with Winton House, what an accomplishment, absolutely fantastic and so many women will be able to get the right help and experience and get the superb treatment and guidance from you and your team like I got. This is quite an achievement and you should be so proud of what you have done. Thank you so much, and keep up the good work, exhausting I'm sure but remember you are changing lives.


Thank you so much for the copy of the letter you kindly sent to me. I have seen my local GP who was really wonderful (it was as if me having a letter from you made the GP very happy and she was super helpful). Since taking the HRT that you prescribed I feel so much better! The most powerful change is the fact that I sleep well at night. I hadn’t realised quite how bad my broken sleep patterns had become and it is a miraculous feeling, sleeping all through the night. Amazing. I have also regained my energy levels, something which was particularly bothering me, and now I have joined a gym and can actually go through the day without feeling like I am going to fall over with exhaustion. So all in all, I feel very positive and want to thank you with all my heart, for helping me. Thank you so very much for your help, guidance and support. I never thought I would say this but truly, you have given me back my quality of life!


I have felt so much better- like a normal person and cannot tell you how much this has meant to me. I started a new childcare setting this year and have been working very hard. This has helped me beyond belief.

Anonymous by request

Just to say thank you for the consultation I received on Friday plus the fact that your lovely secretary put me in for a cancellation. I was so grateful! SO many thanks all round!


Since talking HRT I have been flying! I have also noticed improved libido (wow!!) and I have received lots of compliments on my hair.


I am so grateful for your help and for giving me my life back.


Sadly our own GPs just aren’t specialised enough to help menopausal women so we just get fobbed off. You will feel so much better with the right treatment and a doctor that actually listens to you.


Thank you so much for your positivity, kindness and compassion. I feel that with your help, I am at long last turning a corner and getting to be me again.


My sexual relationship with my husband has returned. We are both delighted.


I feel great! I can’t remember the last time I cried! The hot flushes are few and far between! The paranoia gas gone, I feel much more rational and able to cope. I’ve taken back the reins of running our home. Life is returning to normal and for that I am truly thankful to Louise Newson.


I feel like my old self again. I can concentrate and multi-task again. It is fabulous. I know there are risks of taking HRT but for me the benefits are huge.


I'm pleased to tell you how much better I have felt since starting on the new HRT you prescribed for me. Almost immediately I have been sleeping better for 6 to 7 hours. I don't wake anymore feeling hot and no longer have spells of chills or clamminess. Something I'd previously come to accept as normal was itchy skin, especially on my back. I realised just this morning that I no longer itch. Amazing. Thank you!


It nice to know someone is listening to me. That in itself has helped me.


I was having recurrent urine infections and constantly feeling tired. These symptoms have all disappeared.


Just a note to say I feel absolutely a different person since you prescribed my new HRT and Testosterone. I feel my old self again with loads of energy and everything back to normal. I have just returned from trekking in Peru and I was full of energy.


I just regret having symptoms for two years and not doing anything positive about it before. I thought I could just "get through" the menopause but I realised it was too difficult.


I have got my life back – it is wonderful!


My children have already told me I am a calmer person to live with.


My concentration has returned. My mind just feels so much clearer.


I am no longer irritable with my children and husband. I now look forward to going to bed as my sleep is wonderful again.


I'm back in the gym weightlifting 4x a week now plus a power walk of 4 miles. I've started a local community ladies walking group to motivate other ladies to get active and I'm spreading the word on the menopause. I honestly feel 30 again, 9 and a half stone and my abs are almost back! I've honestly never felt better, thank you so very much.


I am amazed how much more energy I have. My joint pains have gone and I am enjoying life so much more.


I just regret having symptoms for two years and not doing anything positive about it before. I thought I could just "get through" the menopause but I realised it was too difficult.


I just wanted to say that, although I ‘ramble on’ a bit during appointments, I am completely grateful to you for your very kind assistance, help and understanding with regard to my symptoms.


I regret not coming to see Dr Newson sooner. I have seen six different doctors and never been offered HRT. I feel wonderful!


I now feel back on top form - incredible how quickly it's worked! I feel like Sleeping Beauty after she woke up after a hundred years!!!


Since taking HRT I am sleeping better and feel great. I have no more hot sweats.


Thank you for making all the awkward stuff quite the opposite. It was lovely to have someone to talk to and listen to me.


Coming to you has given me a new lease of life, after suffering for 11 years, I am now free...


I’ve been meaning to email you for a couple months or so to say thank you and tell you how good I am feeling. I am feeling better than I have done in about 10 years. I have energy and confidence and I am feeling very strong and lean. Thank you!