Coffee, Tea, Menopause and Me

Friday 24th May 2019 10:00am-12:00pm

Have you ever had

Had hot flushes?
Walked into a room and had no idea why you were there?
Stopped mid-sentence because your mind had gone blank?
Felt absolutely exhausted?
Lost your mojo?

Then you may be experiencing menopausal symptoms without even realising it!


The Menopause is a natural stage all women will go through; some will barely notice any differences while others may experience quite debilitating symptoms that affect every aspect of their lives. Luckily most of us are somewhere in between.

Kate Shakeshaft is an experienced Nurse with a special interest in menopause and often sees ladies in clinical practice who have some or all of these symptoms but haven’t considered that the menopause may be the cause.

We are holding a coffee morning on Friday 24th May when you can:

Receive excellent advice from Kate Shakeshaft, have an open and frank discussions about all things menopause, relax in an informal and welcoming, unhurried environment while having the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have

Kate is helping raise awareness of the menopause in order to educate, explain matters in easy terms, and offer lots of practical advice on how to feel better.

It is time to start talking and seeking treatments that can dramatically improve your quality of life now and for the future!

COST £35

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