Menopause Retreat

Saturday June 8th 2019

10.00 am- 4.00pm

Meet Dr Louise Newson and Dr Rebecca Lewis directors of Newson Health to answer your burning questions about the perimenopause and menopause and bust a few myths.

Enjoy a fascinating food workshop with nutritionist Emma Ellice-Flint who will be giving a demonstration of the foods that can help you manage your gut and mood balance. Emma has found that simple changes to what you eat can have big effects.

Following on from lunch, and a glass of prosecco, you can enjoy a relaxed and informal chat over coffee with Diane, an experienced Nurse with a special interest in menopause. Have an open and frank discussion with Diane about all things menopause, from low moods to intimate sexual health.

Meet Simona Stokes, Psychologist, who will take you on a journey in her workshop exploring life transitions and emotional wellness

Relax with your final workshop with Rebecca Tracy, Aromatherapist, who will be giving an introduction into aromatherapy - how we get the essential oils, where they come from and what part they can play in aiding and healing our emotional and physical health. Rebecca will also be doing a 'blind nose tests' asking everyone to describe what they smell and see how the smells make us feel.

Finish off the day with nibbles from nutritionist Emma Ellice-Flint and a goodie bag full of surprises.

Cost £145

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