Menopause & Food Workshop - SOLD OUT!

Saturday 19th January, 2019

SORRY, THIS EVENT HAS NOW SOLD OUT! But we're running it again on 27th April 2019

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates.

Menopause is a time of many changes for women, physically, emotionally and mentally. It can be a period of midlife mayhem with our hormones in the driving seat. Diet and lifestyle also play a significant role during this time. There is no doubt what we eat influences our health and hormone function.

This workshop, run by renowned chef and nutritional and lifestyle blogger, Sabrina Zeif, includes a discussion on the hormonal upheaval of menopause and its symptoms. It’s an opportunity to share personal journeys while learning how diet can help to manage menopausal symptoms.

FACT: Women need more protein throughout the day when they reach menopause.

Topics covered:

1.    The effect of menopause on our brain, gut and overall body.

2.    Your diet and your hormones.

3.    Are you nutritionally healthy?

4.    The top ten weight loss mistakes women can make.

5.    A healthy gut and hormonal health.

6.    Phytoestrogens and your daily diet.

7.    No more cravings.

8.    Diet Do’s & Don’ts.

9.    Sample breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

10.     Treatment options: HRT and Natural Alternatives.


1.    Have a greater understanding of menopause, symptoms and hormonal health.

2.    Learn how to attain a healthy gut through foods.

3.    Tops tips on diet, exercise and lifestyle during the midlife menopause years.

4.    Take home recipes and menu plan.

Opportunity to sample some phytoestrogen foods and digestive teas. 

Sabrina says "The aim is to help women become empowered and confident so that they can not only cook and eat to address any hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficiencies caused by menopause but also feel supported and educated about how to embrace menopause more generally."

For more information about Sabrina Zeif and The Menopause Chef visit or email