Yoga workshop including breath work and mind work for Menopause with Claudia Brown

Friday 3rd April 10.00 am

Claudia has a unique, fun and accessible way of enabling people to enjoy yoga and meditation so don’t miss this chance to pick up some tips to manage your menopause symptoms.  This workshop will include a little bit of guided journaling so you can go home with a few ideas on improving your self-care, nutrition and general menopausal health and wellbeing.

Yoga, breath work and mind work have many health benefits including:

·       improve mood and reduce fatigue

·       ease stress and anxiety, improve sleep and aid relaxation

·       increase strength and flexibility

·       improve posture and mobilisation of the joints

·       support the prevention of osteoporosis


10.00 am Arrival, introductions and Welcome Circle

10.15 am A Satyananda Yoga Nidra to ground yourself for the morning and begin with the end in mind – pure bliss and relaxation.

10.30 am Divine Circles.  A gentle yoga sequence based around circles, semi circles and spheres following the natural movements of your body, easing out the everyday stresses and aches.

11.15 am Refreshments

11.30 am Demystifying Meditation – an introduction to meditation and how it can help you.

11.45 am  Checking in with yourself! Using simple journaling templates and the books and other resources available, start to plot out ideas for your own self-care, wellbeing and nutrition to help you through your menopause journey.

12.00 pm Breath work – sample some deep abdominal breathing, the 3 part breath, alternate nostril breathing and understand how these techniques can help you manage stress, anxiety and help you relax and release tension.

12.15 pm The Magic of Yin Yoga.  Finding space in the stillness and release of the deep stretches and allow your mind to quieten.

1.00 pm  Home time

All equipment provided – mats / blankets / cushions / bolsters as well as informative handouts, and a wide range of oils, sprays and balms from Aveda and Root & Flower.  The event is suitable for all, even if you have never done yoga before.

£49 plus a goody bag