Yin Yoga with Claudia Brown

Friday 15th May 10.00 am - 1.00 pm (Stratford-upon-Avon)

We are delighted to welcome back Senior Yoga teacher and Om Yoga magazine columnist Claudia Brown for a morning of gentle Yin yoga, relaxation and wellbeing. 

Claudia has a unique, fun and accessible way of enabling people to enjoy yoga and meditation so don’t miss this chance to pick up some tips to manage your menopause symptoms.  Claudia is one of the most experienced and qualified Yin yoga teachers in the country.  Yin is a more passive style of yoga, holding the postures for a long amount of time, releasing connective tissue to find ease and improve range of motion in your joints.  It is a powerful and healing practice and is also perfect for beginners.

Yoga, breath work and mind work have many health benefits including:

·       improve mood and reduce fatigue
·       ease stress and anxiety, improve sleep and aid relaxation
·       increase strength and flexibility
·       improve posture and mobilisation of the joints
·       support the prevention of osteoporosis

10.00 am arrival and welcome circle

10.15 am The Magic of Yin Yoga. Finding space in the stillness and release of the deep stretches, and allow your mind to quieten. Yin yoga can offer you physical ease and mental calmness by allowing the body to drop into the parasympathetic nervous system rather than being permanently switched on to the ‘fight or flight mode’ of the sympathetic nervous system.  This means that Yin can be healing and nourishing, grounding, replenishing, calming and revitalising.   

12.00 pm Refreshments

12.15 pm Chocolate meditation – it’s simple, easy and a bit of fun but also a great way to discover the power of meditation.  While eating chocolate!  Connect to all of your senses and be amazed at the results!

12.30 pm A Himalayan Yoga Nidra – conscious sleep, the perfect wind down and the only goal is pure bliss and relaxation.

1. 00 pm Home time

£49 plus goody bag

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