News – March 2020

HRT Prescribing During COVID-19

In light of the current outbreak of coronavirus, all consultations here at Newson Health are now taking place virtually - either online or over the telephone. A new statement has been released from the British Menopause Society, along with RCOG, RCGP and FSRH, urging all GPs to do the same so that women do not have to struggle to obtain their HRT prescription. Read the full statement here...

Published: 27th March 2020

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HRT Prescribing During COVID-10 | Newson Health

Message to patients re appointments during Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Updated 23rd March 2020

A message to patients from Dr Louise Newson regarding appointment arrangements at our clinics in both Stratford-upon-Avon and Manchester, in relation to the Covid-19 situation.

Published: 23rd March 2020

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Message to patients re appointments during Covid-19

Could HRT be a secret weapon in the war against dementia?

This article from The Daily Mail explores the benefits of HRT in tackling menopausal symptoms such as memory loss and brain fog. It also takes a look at recent studies by experts, examining the correlation between low oestrogen and Alzheimer's and how hormone replacement can protect the brain.

Published: 16th March 2020

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Could HRT Help Fight Dementia? | Newson Health

Newson Health - Out and About!

2020 got off to a very busy start for the team at Newson Health. As well as hosting educational events for healthcare professionals and menopausal women all over the UK, our doctors have been delivering talks, presentations and webinars to help spread the word about the importance of evidence-based menopause care.

Published: 12th March 2020

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Newson Health Doctors - Out and About | Newson Health

"My symptoms drove me crazy for two years before I was diagnosed with perimenopause"

Claire Dunwell, a patient of Dr Louise Newson, wrote this heartfelt article for The Sun, explaining how she struggled with perimenopausal symptoms for years before being diagnosed. With quotes from Dr Newson.

Published: 2nd March 2020

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"My perimenopause symptoms drove me crazy" | Newson Health