News – February 2021

What Can You Expect from Life After Menopause?

This article from Natural Health Magazine delves into what women can expect from life beyond the monthly cycle, taking a look at hormones, sex and energy levels. With quotes and research from Dr Louise Newson.

Published: 17th February 2021

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Life After Menopause | Newson Health

A Young Woman's Guide to Menopause After Treatment for Cancer

Inspirational young woman, Ellie Waters, who experienced the full force of the menopause at just 15 years of age after treatment for cancer, has produced a detailed booklet of information aimed at helping other young woman facing this huge and life-changing challenge.

Published: 4th February 2021

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Young Woman's Guide to Menopause After Cancer Treatment: Newson Health

What do you do when you’re not OK?

This last year has been exceptionally difficult for everyone living through the COVID-19 pandemic. This article, from renowned menopause expert, Dr Louise Newson, is about what you can do when you’re not feeling OK, including when you may be having suicidal thoughts.

Published: 1st February 2021

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What To Do When You're Not OK | Newson Health