Statement of Purpose

Aims and Objectives

Our service consists of dedicated and professional practitioners and staff. We strive to be acknowledged by our patients, suppliers and regulators as the leader in the medical services. This will be achieved by ensuring that we recruit and train highly professional staff whose ambitions are to exceed patient expectations.

Our Aims

  • To understand and exceed the expectation of our patients
  • To both motivate and invest in our team and acknowledge their value
  • To encourage all the team members to participate in achieving our aims and objectives
  • To invest in property, equipment and technology and innovate processes based on a measured business case

Our Objectives

The objectives of the clinic are to deliver a service of high standard in line with the professional standards as follows:

  • To be accountable for individual and team performance
  • To support each other in achieving patient expectations
  • Maintenance of the highest professional and ethical standards
  • Rapidly respond to the needs of our team and our patients
  • To encourage innovation, ambition, enterprise and continuous improvement

This is achieved by offering patients a personal service, integrating the highest quality products with the latest proven techniques and protocols.

Service Provider

Newson Health Limited
Winton House
Stratford Upon Avon
CV37 6HB

Registered Manager

Newson Health Limited
Winton House
Stratford Upon Avon
CV37 6HB

Telephone Number: 01789 595004

Legal Status

Company Name: Newson Health Limited
Company number:11106782
Incorporated on: 12th December 2017

Services Offered

The following Regulated Activities are provided by our clinic:

  1. Treatment of Disease, Disorder and Injury

We provide doctor’s consultation and services for examination and treatments for health check, Gynaecological consultations and disorders. We will also be writing private prescriptions for prescribing medications to our patients and clients above age of 18.

The medical examinations and treatments will include:

  • Menopause care including Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  • Pelvic examinations
  • Insertion of Mirena Coils
  1. Diagnostic and Screening Procedures
  • Blood tests and additional diagnostic tests as appropriate to our treatments.

Additional Treatments

Holistic treatments such as psychotherapy, pelvic floor physiotherapy, nutrition advice, counselling and acupuncture.

Service Types offered

  • Medical Consultation Service
  • Medical Treatment Service

Treatment of Children

Due to the nature of our services offered, we do not treat any person below the age of 18.

Registered Manager and Medical Director
Dr Louise Newson

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