007 Campaigning for improved menopause care - Diane Danzebrink & Dr Louise Newson

Diane Danzebrink is a psychotherapist, menopause expert, wellbeing consultant and also a great friend of Dr Newson. She is tirelessly campaigning for improved care and support for menopausal women having personally had a dreadful experience of the menopause after an operation to remove her ovaries to the extent she became suicidal. Diane always promised her husband that if she ever improved then she would campaign and fight so that other women do not suffer in the way she did.

In this episode, Dr Louise Newson and Diane discuss the #makemenopausematter campaign Diane has introduced, which now has an impressive 27,000 votes. The aims of this campaign are to improve menopause education amongst doctors and to raise awareness of the menopause within the workplace. The third aim of the campaign has been achieved – which is discussed in this podcast! Dr Newson and Diane also talk openly about the challenges they are experiencing in improving menopause care and education globally.

Visit the Menopause Support website here

Published: 23rd July 2019