012 Gut Matters - Emma Ellice-Flint & Dr Louise Newson

In this episode Dr Newson and qualified nutritionist and chef Emma Ellice-Flint, talk about gut matters, microbiome research and what foods can make a difference to the gut and whole body health. Topics discussed include:

  • Control how you feel through what you eat, bidirectional communication to/from gut and the brain.
  • The time it takes to make a change to your gut microbiome through what you eat.
  • Fecal transplants, what it is and some recent research.
  • Different types of prebiotics and probiotics and what they are, including kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi.
  • Getting variety into everyday eating, making vegetables the center of your dish.
  • Which good fats to especially eat - extra virgin olive oil, nuts and seeds, avocado, seafood.
  • Digestion and the anticipation of eating on digestion.
  • Fasting and ways of doing it.
  • Variety - pushing out your food choices to include more varieties of fruit and vegetables.
  • Individual - what suits one person may not suit another, learn to understand what works best for you.
  • Sleep - good habits around sleep and what you might be able to improve to have a better night's sleep.

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Published: 27th August 2019