Dr Jacquelyn Gatenby


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GP and Menopause Specialist

Jack graduated from University College London in 1992 from where she returned home to Northwest England and started a career in general practice. Her interest in Women’s health began with a realisation that there was a general apathy towards unplanned pregnancy, and it’s consequences, amongst colleagues. She embarked on a mission to better women’s access to good quality reproductive care within the practice aiming to empower women to make informed choices about their reproductive health. Jack now runs a women’s health clinic with another colleague taking referrals from other practices in the area.

In the last few years, she has been trying to do the same with menopause care, hopefully providing colleagues and patients alike, with the confidence to embrace the latest evidence about menopause, putting old ideas and myths behind them. The difference made to women’s lives cannot be underestimated when they feel their menopausal symptoms are taken seriously and they are given the tools to make their own choices about treatments.

When she isn’t talking about the importance of menopause care, she is busy with four daughters and experiencing the trials and tribulations of her beloved Bolton Wanderers football club.

GMC number 3686766

Dr Jacquelyn Gatenby