Dr Claire Phipps

MBBS BSc(Hons)

GP and Menopause Specialist

Dr. Phipps graduated from Guy’s Kings and St Thomas’s medical school and now works as a GP in North London. She has always had a keen interest in teaching and training and is now a GP Trainer in the London area. She hopes that continuing with GP Education will help to ensure that all new GP’s she meets will be up to date with the latest evidence around perimenopause and the menopause.

Claire is passionate about post reproductive healthcare and the menopause and wants to try and improve the information around this area so that women can be fully informed and in control of their care. She regularly sees ladies to discuss their multitude of perimenopausal symptoms and is deeply moved by the difficulties that some of these women have getting the correct information and treatment delivered in a timely manner.

Claire has completed the British Menopause course, along with the International Menopause course and the Confidence in Menopause course run by Fourteenfish.

Claire has a special interest in long term health conditions and supports the idea that the menopause should be seen as such.  By empowering women to view the menopause as a long term condition, she takes pride in the fact that not only can we help with symptoms in the present, but women can also be helped to live long, healthy and fulfilling lives in the future. Claire also helps to support women going thorough this transition through ‘menopause and yoga workshops’ which she runs with her sister who is qualified yoga teacher.

Outside of work, Claire has two boys (three if you count her husband) and is a keen runner and is improving her gardening skills.

Dr Claire Phipps