Dr Kate Cowie


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GP and Menopause Specialist

Kate graduated from the University of Bristol in 2011 and is dual Royal College affiliated having completed three years of paediatric training in London before transferring across to become a GP. During her training in paediatrics, she spent a lot of time on the postnatal wards consulting with women in the care of their newborns and at a pivotal time in their lives. This experience nurtured an interest in caring for women more generally.

Kate has since practiced as a GP in both North East Essex and Rutland respectively and has consistently enjoyed consulting with patients in a menopause context, most particularly in observing the transformational impact that good menopause care can have on a woman’s quality of life and overall health. Kate decided to take this interest further in completing the Fourteen Fish Confidence in Menopause course and in attending the joint British Menopause Society and Royal College of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Post Reproductive Health Meeting. She is additionally a member of the Newson Health Menopause Society.

During her spare time, Kate enjoys running, creative writing and country walks with her husband and two children, Theodore and Camilla.

GMC number 7138760

Dr Kate Cowie