Dr Rachael Chrystal


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GP and Menopause Specialist

Rachael graduated from The University of Manchester and has stayed in the area ever since. She works as a GP in Stockport and has a keen interest in women’s health. She believes in a holistic, lifestyle approach to health.

Rachael completed the DFSRH (Diploma of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health) in 2016. After the realisation that her medical training did not prepare her adequately for diagnosing and managing the perimenopause and menopause in her patients, she began to undertake further learning and studying to develop her knowledge and skills in menopause care. Rachael is a member of the British Menopause Society and strongly believes that high quality menopause care should be available to every woman – not only as means of managing their symptoms and improving their quality of life, but also in order to improve their long term health outcomes, particularly in relation to reducing cardiovascular disease and improving bone health.

Outside of work, Rachael enjoys running with her dog and getting out walking in the Peak District. She is a strong believer in the benefits of yoga for relaxation and wellbeing.

GMC number 7408750

Dr Rachael Chrystal