Dr Victoria Nute


Offers video appointments

GP and Menopause Specialist

Victoria continues to work within the NHS as a GP in Devon alongside working for Newson Health.  Vicky has a passion for holistic health care and improving patients ‘healthy- happy-lifespan’ by integrating evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine within consults. Vicky is accredited through the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and is knowledge rich with regards to plant-based nutrition, physical activity, breathing and mindfullness for the perimenopausal and menopausal woman alongside weight management .

Vicky works with a range of organisations including universities, students and patient groups to teach, deliver talks , and provide webinars with the clear aim of improving and empowering patients and healthcare professionals to access evidence based lifestyle medicine providing resources, skills and education.   Vicky is currently training to become an EMCC qualified coach and has along her journey coached patients and professionals to reach their goals and optimise their health.

When not working Vicky can be found with her family walking her dogs, cooking meals for family and friends, coastal running, learning to surf or just messing about in the water near her home in Thurlestone, Devon.

GMC number 6167175

Dr Victoria Nute