Dr Paula Bradley


GP and Menopause Specialist

As a woman with a maternal history of early menopause and a personal history of thrombosis, Paula has learned a lot about the safety of available hormonal replacement while navigating her own perimenopausal journey. Paula eventually became a patient at Newson Health.

As an NHS GP Paula speaks to women daily who have been misinformed about HRT and who are fearful about embarking on treatment for their symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. Paula’s most enthusiastic reviews come from her many friends and colleagues for whom she has provided advice on their personal HRT options and how to approach their own GPs to discuss this.

Paula is passionate about the vital support and guidance Newson Health provides alongside the organisation’s involvement in improving HRT access for all women; she is delighted to be joining the team.

Paula lives in the North East of England and enjoys, walking on the beaches and in the countryside of Northumberland, socialising and, prior to the pandemic, travelling.

Dr Paula Bradley