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Once you have your first consultation at Newson Health, we are here for your ongoing needs and concerns. Whether you attend in-person or the virtual service, our friendly team can advise you throughout and are always on hand to answer questions or arrange a blood test.

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1/2 Be Ready

Before your first follow-up

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Arrange a routine follow up appointment, book a one-off appointment to discuss concerns or changes, and contact us for a yearly review.

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While not necessary for a diagnosis, your doctor may request certain blood tests to help guide treatment or understand more about your health.

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Existing patient FAQs

How do I contact the clinic with any queries I have following my appointment?

It is usually preferable to email rather than phone with any questions you may have following your appointment. Please complete the online form here. If you would like to speak to one of our clinicians in between your scheduled appointments for some clinical advice, then please call us on 01789 595004 and our team can book you a 10 minute advice phone call with a pharmacist or nurse (£50)

How do I receive the results of any blood tests I have?

All our blood testing is done by Nationwide Pathology. As soon as your results are available they will be reviewed and commented on by one of our clinicians. You will then receive an email asking you to log onto the system so that you will be able to access your results and also the clinician's comments.

How long does it take for HRT to work?

Women really vary with how they respond once they start HRT. Some women find they feel better quickly whereas for other women it can take three months to feel the full effects. It is worth persevering with any treatment you are given for three months before deciding how it suits you.

Some women do develop breast tenderness initially which often settles. Some women do experience some bleeding which usually settles within the first few months.

If you are still experiencing symptoms after three months then it may be that the dose or type of HRT needs to be changed.

How often will I need to be seen?

The majority of women are seen again around three months after their initial appointment and their clinician will advise when to have any further follow ups. To obtain a prescription from us you will need to be seen annually. You will need to have an appointment every 2 years to remain as an existing patient. If you have not been seen in over 2 years you will be booked in as a new patient at the cost of a new appointment.

Is it normal to be bloated on HRT?

Some types of progestogens can lead to some bloating and lower abdominal discomfort. This usually settles within a few months. If you have symptoms that worsen or any symptoms you are concerned about then you should either contact us or your GP.

Is it normal to bleed on HRT?

It is very common for women to have irregular and even sometimes heavy bleeding when they start HRT or when they increase the dose of oestrogen in the HRT. This can take 3 to 6 months to settle.

If you have bleeding that worsens or does not improve after this time, then you should contact us at the clinic or your GP as further investigations may be necessary.

Is it normal to have sore breasts on HRT?

Some women experience breast tenderness when they start taking HRT. This can be due to either the oestrogen or progesterone and usually settles with time. It can take a few months to settle completely.

What correspondence will I receive from the clinic after my appointment?

The clinician will email you a letter, outlining what was said during the consultation, usually within 7-10 days. Your GP will also be emailed a copy of this letter, unless you have said you prefer for your GP not to be contacted.

You will also receive your blood results as an email with a comment from your clinician explaining what the results mean. This usually comes at a different time to your letter.

Where is my HRT prescription dispensed?

We work with the company CloudRx (a licensed Pharmacy GPhc number 9011284) to dispense and dispatch medication on our behalf. Following your video or phone consultation during which your medicine has been prescribed, CloudRx will contact you by email or text to take payment for the medication before it is posted to you.

Patients visiting us in the clinic will usually have their prescriptions dispensed from the clinic or a pharmacy nearby. Repeat prescriptions should be requested through the website and will be dispensed by Cloud Rx.

Request a repeat prescription.

Why are some patients prescribed higher doses of oestrogen than others?

Newson Health Menopause and Wellbeing Centre was founded in 2018 to help women receive treatment for their menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms.  Many women come to our clinic because they have been refused help on the NHS and/or because the type of HRT they are receiving is insufficient to alleviate their symptoms.

At Newson Health, our patients are central to all treatment decisions. We usually start our patients with the minimal effective doses of hormones, then assess scope for any changes based on clinical response and patients’ views.

We follow NICE menopause guidelines, adhere to the General Medical Council’s decision making and consent guidelines, and NICE shared decision-making guidelines [1-3].

Read more here.

How do I prepare for my blood test?

To find out how to prepare for your blood test, please read this document: Advice to patients before hormone blood tests

What is tachyphylaxis?

Please see here for an article by Dr Louise Newson on tachyphylaxis.

How to book a blood test

Full details of our blood services and costs can be found here. If your clinician has requested you have a blood test there are a number of options available to you:
  • Visit our clinic in Stratford-upon-Avon. There will be an additional £35 phlebotomy charge when visiting our Stratford Upon Avon clinic for blood tests. Please contact us to book this.
  • Visit The Clinic @78 in Bournemouth.  There will be an additional £40 phlebotomy charge when visiting Clinic @78 for blood tests. Please contact us to arrange this for you.
  • We can arrange for a health care professional to visit you at home or an address of your choice to take a sample. Charges for this option include the cost of the blood test and £60 for the home visit.
  • Contact us by phone to see if we can find a Nationwide Pathology phlebotomist near you. The costs, for this option, vary across the UK but are approximately £40, plus the cost of the blood test.
  • Contact us to arrange for a kit to be sent in the post (which contains vials and needles, safely packaged) for you to find a phlebotomist near you. Charges for this option include the costs of the blood test, plus £15 delivery fee for the blood test kit. The kits are also a popular option for people who have medics in their friend group or family.
You can call us on 01789 595004 or email to make us aware of your preferred option. Our administrators are available to talk you through the options in more detail and advise on the best solution for you. Please read the advice to patients on HRT when having a blood test here.
Please see our full list of FAQs for more information

Contact us

We recommend reading our FAQs before contacting us, as your question might be answered there.


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    We now offer a payment plan designed to support women in need of treatment but would prefer to spread the cost. There’s no interest charged and we debit payments automatically to make things easy for you. For more information call our team or click here.


    We now employ over 100 doctors, nurse and pharmacist menopause experts which means that there’s now no need for new patients to join a waiting list and they’re guaranteed to be offered a virtual appointment usually within 2 weeks of contacting us.



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