What our patients say about us

Our mission is to improve the health and lives of all women

Our patient satisfaction survey results say...

“I have been so grateful for this clinic and all the advice received and the information leaflets, podcasts and videos available through the balance app and website. I have gone from having such severe and debilitating symptoms to feeling like ‘me’ again and being able to live and function every day! Both the doctors I have seen gave me such good advice and most of all I felt heard and understood and realised that I hadn’t lost my mind and gone crazy! So grateful that there is help available and that I didn’t have to struggle through.” Patient 

“A massive thank you to everyone who is so supportive and helpful at Newson Health. I’ve been a patient since the start of the year and cannot fault anyone or the support I’ve had – from people at the end of the phone and email, to Dr Ashby and Dr Coward who I’ve met with on several occasions.” Sally

“Dear Louise, Thank you for everything over the past few years; for listening to me, for treating me with humanity and giving me agency in my own healthcare; for going above and beyond when I most needed it and for giving me my life back. You are an inspiration.”  Laura

“Thank you for an amazing consultation last Friday. It was so refreshing to have somebody actually listen and understand when I explain what is going on with my body.” Sharon

“I wish to thank Dr Thompson for her care, empathy and kindness in my consultation. So far everyone in Newson clinic has been so lovely to work with and I feel listened to for the first time in years. Thank you so very much. Thank you.” Lowri

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the care & education that I have received from you. I genuinely feel well in myself & I know that without the detailed accessible information from the Newson Health website life would be very different for me indeed. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to access Newson Health & to be a patient of yours. Kind regards.”  Teresa

“It was such a relief to speak to someone who understood and was able to help. Up until this point I have felt so alone in my journey and as if I have had to fight for treatment at every step. This was such a refreshing change! Thank you.” Patient

“Just a quick email to say thank you, I’ve received my new HRT already this morning and I’m excited to start. I’m so really impressed with the level of service.” Georgia

“The service and care I have been given have been exceptional. I am very grateful to Dr Newson and her team for the kindness and expert treatment I have been given-you really have changed (& possibly even saved) my life and I am very grateful to you.” Patient

“My doctor was such a great listener and really clearly explained the course of treatment to me. The doctor also was very kind and made me feel at ease. She will never know how much her advice and treatment plan means to me and I feel hopeful that I will soon start to feel like my pre op, normal fun self again. Thanks to Newson Health.” Patient

“My doctor was amazing! Made me feel I could open up to her, she listened to me and explained everything very clearly to me and was so friendly , she’s changed my life!” Patient

“Hi Louise, It was a pleasure to speak with you today! Thankyou for all of your time you have already invested in me, it is so refreshing every time I speak with a member of your team, receptionists included- they have always been so friendly and knowledgeable whenever I have contacted your clinic! Kind regards.”  Georgina

“I have been so grateful for the support I have received from Newson Health over the last two years. I would not have got through these difficult years without the support from Dr Lewis and all the information Newson Health provides. Please pass on my gratitude and best wishes to Dr Lewis.” Julie

“Thank you! I had an appointment at Newson Health, and it was fantastic, and I hope I am on the path to a balanced HRT journey! Never felt so looked after and the answers were all there nothing complicated just a dedicated doctor with so much knowledge and willingness to help. Amazing thank you.”  Vicky

“I would like to thank Dr. Newson for her research and courage in challenging the myths and real life symptoms of the menopause. I have suffered for at least four years and been dismissed and misdiagnosed. I am eternally grateful I met a Sister at our GP practice who had herself had a traumatic time and informed me of your website, app and research. Thank you,” Laura

“Good evening, I wanted to sincerely thank you for the way my prescription was dealt with both yesterday and today. Both ladies I spoke to were extremely kind and helpful and I cannot fault the customer service I have received. I have nothing but praise for the reputation of the clinic and the professionalism of all involved. Many thanks again.”  Hayley

“I’d like to sincerely thank the doctors at Newson Health who have helped me on my menopause journey – the work your team does is amazing. Thank you for everything.” Patient