Repeat Prescriptions

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An annual consultation with Newson Health is required if you would like us to provide your HRT on an ongoing basis.

If we have prescribed testosterone for you (Androfeme), you will need an initial blood test within 3-6 months of starting this treatment, followed by a yearly review and blood test.

While the HRT shortages are ongoing it may take longer then usual to fill your prescription. This is due to limited stock and a higher volume of requests.

    Order Your Repeat Prescriptions

    To process your prescription please tick to confirm that you provide us with consent to automatically take a payment of £37*, using the card details we hold on your file. Your prescription will be sent to you in the post.
    For your prescription to be dispensed by our pharmacy you have to tick to confirm that you consent to us sharing your name, address, date of birth and medication details with CloudRx to enable the dispatch of your medication.

    Repeat Prescriptions



    In order to receive any HRT from us on an ongoing basis, you will need to have an annual follow-up consultation.

    If you are prescribed Androfeme by us, you will need to have an initial blood test within 3 to 6 months of commencement, followed by an annual blood test if results remain stable.



    There is a £37 fee charged by Newson Health for every prescription written. This charge covers the doctor creating the prescription, which is a legal document for which the doctor who has issued and signed it is responsible.

    Annual prescription membership

    This is a one-off charge of £70 for a duration of 12 months.

    The £70 fee is payable upfront and is non-refundable regardless of the extent of use. This membership can be used for standalone or repeat prescriptions. To fulfil our duty of care to you and to continue to prescribe medication you will need to have a minimum of an annual review with us.

    This membership is renewed annually and you will be notified of its renewal within a reasonable time period before the expiry date so you can decide whether to continue or not. If you decide not to renew please inform us by email [email protected] before the expiry date, otherwise payment will be taken automatically with the card we hold on file.
    Prescriptions will only be given to cover the period of the membership up to and including expiry date. Medication is charged separately by the dispensing pharmacist, ourselves or CloudRx.

    Please indicate in the additional information comments box if you would if you wish to subscribe to the annual prescription membership.


    To improve the service provided to you, we work with CloudRx (a licensed Pharmacy GPhc number 9011284) to dispense and dispatch medication on our behalf.

    Once your medicine has been prescribed, CloudRx will contact you by email or text to take payment for the medication before it is posted to you.

    Privacy Policy

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