Hearing from the patients we've had since the start


Everyone I have met at Newson Health over the last five years has been fantastic, kind and empathetic. I think it’s safe to say that Newson Health has pretty much given me my life back.

It took me some time to figure out that my various seemingly unrelated (and increasingly horrible) symptoms were due to my hormones. I thought menopause was all about hot flushes and night sweats, neither of which I experienced. How naive was I?!

Having been denied HRT and instead prescribed antidepressants by my GP, I found Dr Louise through my network of yoga friends. Once I started taking HRT, my life literally improved overnight. Without the care of the wonderful doctors at Newson Health I don’t know how I would have navigated the last few years – not only managing a stressful and intellectually demanding job but also dealing with the increasing demands of ageing parents and exam years and university for my daughter. Thank you all so much!


I had a hysterectomy in 2003, including removal of my ovaries, and had no idea how much it would affect me. I was on oestrogen but every time I went to my GP, questions were raised as to why I was still on it. My mother had had osteoporosis by the age of 50 and it was one of my concerns. I was widowed in my late 50s and met my partner in five years later. When I began to experience bouts of excruciating recurring cystitis and dryness, I was fed up and worried about the effect it could have on my relationship.

When I heard about Dr Newson’s clinic being opened in Stratford, I made the journey from South Wales, when I was 73.

It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. For the first time, I received information about the effect of low oestrogen. I felt reassured that continuing HRT was a good decision for many health reasons. It was totally accepted that I still wanted a sex life and I learnt about the benefits of testosterone cream, vaginal oestrogen and lubricant.

I have an annual review and blood test to check my hormone balance. I know HRT and testosterone don’t stop ageing. But they do give a better opportunity to age well. I continue to be grateful I made that first appointment in 2018.


It’s difficult to sum up what Dr Newson and Newson Health have done for me. Basically, she gave me my life back!

I came to see Louise after ten years of battling with early menopause symptoms and I was desperate for someone to help me. I’d been denied HRT because of my age yet given every other hormone pill and treatment you could think of.

Dr Newson not only listened but actively supported and encouraged my doctor to do the same. She gave me my prescription immediately, but more than that she gave me both the courage to proceed and gave me back the control over my health.

Everyone at Newson Health has been brilliant and I can’t thank Dr Newson, Dr Lewis and all of the staff there enough! Keep doing what you’re doing Louise because the world needs you! The fact that you’re getting push back shows you’re forcing change. The world desperately needs this change!


Thank you Newson Health for giving me ‘me’ back, and for the knowledge and confidence to know that I can remain on my HRT regime for life. A weight has been lifted after the near constant battle with my GP to remain on something that has helped so much. Every visit to my doctor involved them trying to get me off the very thing that was helping.

I have osteoporosis and heart disease in my family and my mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 72. I had a DEXA scan at 50, which showed I was osteopenia. So, for me, doing things differently was really important. By becoming a Newson client, I now feel more relaxed with my even better HRT regime and no longer have the anxiety of wondering how much longer I’m ‘allowed’ to receive it! Thank you!


My life began five years ago when I met Louise. After being treated for breast cancer aged 43, I went into early menopause when I was 47. For 11 years, I suffered with hot flushes and night sweats. It affected my daily work life, and ultimately my marriage. I did the usual alternative therapies to no avail.

I met Louise with a list of all my previous medical history and asked: ‘Can you help”? She replied, ‘Yes’! Within two weeks of taking Oestrogel, I was back to normal – no sweats, no hot flushes. Five years on, I’m still taking it, and I feel younger, healthier and happy.

Louise continues to support me in my health and wellbeing and I wish her and her team congratulations on the fifth anniversary.


Happy anniversary! I first saw Dr Newson back in 2015 after my male GP didn’t listen to my concerns about the side effects of the medication he gave me. I honestly feel like Dr Newson saved my sanity, career and marriage, and provided clear sensible advice and the correct medication.

The Newson clinic remains a safe port of call for HRT advice and prescriptions as I have given up begging my own GP practice for HRT medication. Newson Health is a much needed and valued service for women in the UK.