2. Our equal opportunities commitment and aims

We will not tolerate discrimination or harassment, and are committed to promoting equal opportunities in employment. Those who work for us, and anyone applying for a job with us, will receive fair and equal treatment.

We ensure, where possible, full access for everyone applying for a vacancy. Decisions about transfers and internal promotions are made, so far as possible, using only objective criteria.

We will never victimise anyone who makes a legitimate complaint to us about harassment or discrimination, or who supports a colleague in their complaint.

This policy is underpinned by the following further commitments and aims:

2.4.1 A working environment free from all forms of unlawful discrimination, including victimisation and harassment

2.4.2 A workplace capable of allowing everyone to achieve their greatest potential

and where individuals are willing to give their best

2.4.3 A Company-wide understanding of the message promoted by this policy

2.4.4 A commitment to ensuring all staff understand their rights and responsibilities under this policy;

2.4.5 A policy of ensuring employment opportunities are open to all qualified candidates, so that we recruit from the largest possible pool of available talent and recruit the best-qualified staff

2.4.6 A commitment to recruiting based on ability to do the job, that also reflects the multicultural composition of our local community

2.4.7 A commitment to amending this policy if we think it has become outdated, or circumstances suggest to us that it needs updating;

2.4.8 A commitment to protecting staff, wherever possible, from being victimised or treated less fairly if they make or support a complaint in good faith under this policy.

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