Do you prescribe bioidentical HRT?

The safest types of HRT are “body identical hormones” which means that they are the same structure as the hormones you naturally produce in your body. These hormones are also sometimes referred to as “regulated bioidentical HRT”.

There are some types of hormones given in private clinics called “compounded bioidentical hormones”. These are completely different to body identical hormones – they are not regulated and are not subject to any quality control. They are custom made hormones in combination doses or preparations that are not routinely available on a standard prescription.

There is no good quality evidence to support the use of these hormones and they are not recommended.  In addition, they have not been subjected to the same tests of safety, efficacy, or dosing consistency as the type of HRT that requires a prescription, including body identical hormones. We do not ever give women compounded bioidentical HRT.

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