Dr Alexandra Davis


Offers appointments in Stratford-upon-Avon

GP and Menopause Specialist

Alex graduated from The University of Leeds in 2000 and became a GP in 2005. She enjoys the holistic approach to patient care that General Practice offers and this same ethos is necessary for menopause care. Menopause is something Alex feels strongly about as the implications of unidentified or undertreated symptoms are far reaching for women, families and their workplace. She recognised this in her work as a GP but also in talking to friends and family. She has gained further experience through the British Menopause Society and Newson Health to be able to better support women through this time in their lives. Alex has always had an interest in women’s and reproductive health, regularly consulting with women about these aspects, while also fitting coils and implants and being a member of the Faculty of Reproductive and Sexual Health. She also worked within sexual health clinics for a number of years. Alex also trains GPs within primary care and is now involved in menopause teaching for new GPs.

Alex believes wholeheartedly in a good work life balance. She enjoys regular running and tennis with friends, while juggling taxi services for 2 secondary school-age children and important family time walking, cooking and entertaining together.

You can see Alex at our Stratford-upon-Avon clinic for an in person appointment.

GMC number 4745541

Dr Alexandra Davis