Dr Holly Carding


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GP and Menopause Specialist

In 2010 Holly qualified from The University of Manchester after completing her medical degree and an intercalated degree in Pathology. She then moved to Kent to complete her foundation training before moving back home to Manchester to complete her GP training.  

Having worked in various roles locally as a salaried and locum doctor, Holly has treated patients from diverse backgrounds and cultures. She was an earlier adopter of digital medicine and the benefits remote consulting can bring to her patients. However, it was her role as a menopause champion that truly opened her eyes to the profound impact of menopause and women’s health issues on women’s lives. Recognising the significance of this transitional phase, she is now devoted to practicing menopause medicine with the utmost attention it deserves. 

Holly’s broad perspective as a generalist allows her to approach menopause with a deep understanding of its impact on multiple body systems whilst her background in Pathology helps her to breakdown a problem into its simple science before building up a solution tailored to that particular patient. Through her practice, she aims to initiate conversations about menopause, bridging the knowledge gap among women and healthcare professionals alike. By empowering women and raising awareness, she envisions a future where her two little girls grow up in a world where menopause is understood and women’s health is prioritised. 

You can see Holly at our Manchester (Altrincham) – Diagnostic Healthcare clinic for an in person appointment.

GMC number 7074069

Dr Holly Carding