Dr Kari Nightingale


Offers appointments in Southampton and via video

GP and Menopause Specialist

Kari is an experienced GP with a diverse portfolio career. She has relished the variety and breadth of knowledge this brings but has found working with women’s peri and post-menopausal health one of the most rewarding areas of medicine, given the dramatic impact this can have on a woman’s life. She is passionate about health promotion and sees the menopause as a great opportunity to optimise health and well-being by offering both hormone replacement and other medical and lifestyle advice. When managed well, menopause can be a wonderful time of life, when a woman may be at the peak of her career, has gained confidence and wisdom, may have raised or be raising a family, and should be supported to continue to flourish throughout her later life. Kari is very excited about being able to offer this dedicated support and guidance to women in her specialist role at Newson Health. 

Kari is married, has a passion for vinyasa and ashtanga yoga, cycling and Pilates, and loves animals. She occupies her creative side with sewing, gardening and usually has a project renovating or painting something in the home. Most of these activities are usually accompanied by some “helpful” contribution from one or more of her four cats to whom she is a willing servant. 

You can see Kari at our Southampton clinic for an in person appointment.

GMC number 7082158

Dr Kari Nightingale