Dr Penny Ward


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GP and Menopause Specialist

Penny graduated from Southampton University in 2003. Initially training in Paediatrics which she enjoyed from the outset but over time began to wish for a degree of diversity which a career in child health was unable to offer alone.

She completed GP training in Glasgow before moving back to her university roots where she has worked as a GP since 2014. She also works as a clinical director for the primary care federation across Southampton, her role primarily to increase communications between health professionals and the public. Open dialogue about future services and how these can be modelled to support the delivery of high quality care is high on her agenda.

From the start of her GP training Penny began writing, developing a passion for medical journalism, the interplay between the media and her clinical practice has continued thereafter. She believes in the delivery of sound health care advice to the public, which is jargon free, allowing people to be advocates of their own health. This lends itself well to mentoring our future doctors as she is also a GP trainer, helping support GP trainees for their important roles in shaping the future of healthcare, for both patients and health professionals alike.

Penny gained the Diploma in Sexual and Reproductive Health in 2012 becoming increasingly interested in the menopause and peri-menopause. She is thrilled we are finally beginning to shake the legacy from the Womens Health Initiative. Seeing women feel empowered, seeking these meaningful conversations about their health, looking to preventative measures to safeguard their future selves is hugely rewarding. She feels privileged being able to accompany women on this journey.

Maintaining the all important work-life balance Penny is a self-confessed foodie who loves to travel. She is married with two children who keep her on her toes, as do her friends who have introduced her to road biking. So life is very much in the fast lane!

GMC number 6074221

Dr Penny Ward